5 ways to maximize your time

When your days are jam-packed, your most precious commodity is your time.

You want to save as much of it as you can.

And it also seems to get away from you all too easily. Even if you are super organized! Even if you do your best not to procrastinate! It's just not enough.

I'm not going to give you a magical solution to free up all of your time. That would take a lot more than a blog post (like a personalized coaching program!).


But I am going to tell you one of the surefire ways to stop rushing.

Rushing makes you feel like you never have time to think and like you are always on edge. It is just painful. It feels like life is slipping past and you're barely breathing, much less stopping to appreciate it.

So, how can you maximize your time to feel a little more spaciousness in your day to day?

There's one overarching tactic I want you to focus on:


Eliminate In-the-Moment Decision Making

Making decisions is incredibly taxing on our energy. Decision Fatigue is caused by the insane number of choices we have to make every day (approximately 35,000!!), that over time, wear us down.

Now, this may be obvious, but the more stressful a decision, the more energy it uses. And a few different factors make a decision stressful.

Of course, the bigger the decision or the more relying on the outcome, the more stressful it is to make.

Another thing that makes a decision stressful is how time-sensitive it is.  Think of when you aren't sure whether to get off of the highway exit you're about to pass. There won't be major consequences if you miss the exit, but because you are short on time to figure it out, it feels really draining!

That's why the overarching tactic to stop rushing and to maximize your time is to make decisions in advance instead of in the moment whenever possible. You'll be shocked at how much easier your day flows.

Try these...


Pick out your clothes the night before

Whether you have a high-pressure corporate job or stay at home, choosing what to wear when you have just gotten out of bed is super annoying! Because you are tired and you have a limited amount of time before you have to leave.

Instead of waiting for the morning, choose what you will wear right before you go to sleep.

Make sure to check the weather first! And then separate out the clothes you want to wear so that you have easy access when you wake up.


Create A FOOD plan

Oh, food. You take so much energy.

If you care about the food you put into your body, it is going to take time. That is unavoidable.

But standing at the fridge every morning to figure out what to eat doesn't have to happen! And neither does scrolling through yelp until you find a place you want to order food from.

Whether you cook or take out or somewhere in between, you can:

-Eat the same breakfast every morning - or have 2 that you alternate! Say "no" to morning decisions!

-Have a rotation of 5-10 dishes that you cook and plug them into your calendar on a monthly or weekly basis. (Check out Real Plans if you want Meal Plan help - I love them!)

-Plan for takeout and delivery by choosing in advance when you are ordering from where. (You can always change your mind, but it's nice to fall back on!.)


Choose your entertainment

Relaxing and watching TV or a movie is so much less enjoyable when you spend hours browsing and flipping to decide what to watch.

Keep a list of shows you like to watch or movies you'd like to see and when you finally get that coveted downtime, watch one of those! 


Ditch spontaneity!

Give yourself permission to say no to things that come up last minute. Allow your default answer to be "no".

That way you'll only need to make a decision if you really want to go, rather than because of guilt or FOMO!

I know that is easier said than done, but experiment a little and see what actually happens if you ditch feeling like you need to be available all the time.

Your time is precious and you have real, legitimate reasons to say no (even if that reason is so that you can do nothing for the night)!


Okay, friend. You are ready to take this step to feel lighter and to un-bunch your eyebrows.

Go forth and stop making decisions!