Poem: Free form 1/4/17

Lights watching

a sure glow of confidence

in me and

everything I am.

In silence

but not quite

I curl legs underneath

in comfort

I know I have done good.


Part of me wanders

into guilt

of privilege unearned

that allows such luxury.

But I pray

and work to create

something for the world

I can give.


Anger bubbles at the reality

the harshness

that sucks from me

this joy.

Oh but that it was


by pain for others.


Life, though,

demands this dedication.

Seeking kernals

of time;


stretching in all directions.

It means


Joy lives in me

Fear lives in me

Selfishness lives

Next to honor

And pride next to


All remind me I am human

and all that remains

is my will

to live and die



in my way

for us all.