Inspiration: Layla Saad and the Priestess Activist

Wild Mystic Woman, Layla Saad, describes herself as a "writer, mentor, and healer for women doing their soulwork and their soul's work."

I love how she writes in the same breath about the inner work we do to align with our fullest selves and the outer work we send into the world as giving, caring people.

Shortly after Donald Trump's inauguration, Layla wrote about The Rise of the Priestess Activist. I invite you to read it and then return here for my takeaways and reflection questions if you'd like.






As you may have noticed, she is directly addressing businesswomen in her writing. But there is so much wisdom that applies to any of us who are trying to care for ourselves and care for the world at the same time. I also believe that when she talks about "spirituality," she is talking about the same thing that we strive for together here - tapping into our deepest selves,  figuring out what we need and want, and finding it.


On that note, I'll share a few of the points that pierced me most deeply (in my own words/interpretation):

  • Allow yourself processing time when you feel overwhelmed. Take time away from the "never-ending tsunami."
  • The overlap of activism and spirituality means that we can take energy from doing our "soulwork" (taking care of ourselves) and let it fuel our soul's work (taking care of the world). And, conversely, we can allow our efforts to make the world a better place create ripples of hope in us that nourish our soul.
  • Our work toward well-being needs to go beyond our own lives and the lives that are closest to us. Our releasing of our own suffering (our liberation!) should be taken out into the broader world, too, and not just kept for ourselves.
  • Her 8 guiding principles for Priestess Activism are worth returning to regularly as touchstones as we try to navigate the spiritual and the political together.


If you have the capacity, take this moment to reflect:

  • In what ways does Layla's article give you release and affirmation? In what ways does it charge you or put you on edge?
  • How can you give yourself time away from the tsunami?
  • How can your care for yourself fuel your care for others and vice versa?
  • How would you like to share your internal liberation with the world (beyond the lives you touch directly)?


If you'd like to share any of your thoughts, please feel free to do so in the comments so that we can reflect together!


I'll close by sharing my poem Holy Water, with gratitude for all of the teachers - both known and unknown - who support and guide us.



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