Inspiration: Money with Intention

Ever since I got married, I've struggled with aligning my money practices with intentional living. It felt like I was always unsure about where our money was going and why. And then just a couple of months ago, I was directed to Bari Tessler's The Art of Money. She has an active website, a book, and a year-long course that all offer clarity on your money story, your money habits, your money practices, and your money shame.

My husband, Louis, and I have been slowly working our way through the book together and taking steps to reclaim that aspect of our lives. Money is a big deal! And taking the time to align our approach to money to our values has been - although challenging - incredibly rewarding. If you are looking for a way to add intentionality to your money practices, I highly recommend it!

The book does contain a lot of anecdotes that we chose to skim through. And you do kind of have to put aside concern with systemic inequalities related to money and focus just on your individual practices (which she acknowledges). Nevertheless, I have found it a very worthwhile read.

And if you are looking for more money tools, we're also now using the app You Need a Budget, which helps you give every dollar you own a job and spend according to your priorities.

Let me know in the comments - how do your money stories/habits/shames/practices connect to your desire for an intentional life?


p.s. I am never paid for my recommendations - just sharing with you the things I love!


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