A New Year reminder

It's a new year. In my circles, there has been reflection abound on the horrors seen in 2016 as well as the unknown dangers facing us in 2017. And I find myself worried and saddened by these realities, too.

But when I reflect on my own life in 2016 and what's in store in 2017, I have to say, I am overjoyed. Personal growth has been at an all-time high for me and I don't see that stopping anytime soon. I have travels, entertainment, and love to look forward to. I have new clients to meet and work with! I'm beyond excited.

And then the guilt rushes in. How can I feel so large and bright when the world is so small? So dark?

I want to remind myself - and all of you - that we are on this planet to be good to ourselves and to others. To live out our biggest dreams and to make sure others are allowed to do the same. It doesn't start with my cousin, my neighbor, or the stranger. It starts with me. By being the most I can be, I will have so much more to give. And I will radiate joy and happiness and peace out into the world.

I hope for all of us that 2017 is full of such radiance.