No resolutions this new year!

We're about to leave 2018 behind and step into the bright possibility of 2019.

Are you ready?

When you think about it, it's funny that we make such a big deal about the New Year. Is January 1st that much more enticing than December 31st? Maybe it's all hype.

But I do appreciate the opportunity to take stock of what has happened over the last year and to reflect on my hopes for the year to come.

Before the clock strikes midnight, I want to share some thoughts about how we can treat this transition holistically and self-compassionately:

  • The ending is just as important as the beginning. It's okay to be glad to be rid of 2018. And it's also okay to wish it could stick around. Stepping into the unknown is vulnerable no matter what. So whatever feelings are showing up for you, know that they are valid.

  • You don't need to focus only on the positive. You can reflect on your losses from the past year as well as your achievements. It's okay to think about what you're afraid of in 2019. None of this diminishes the kick-ass work you've done this year or the optimistic possibility of the year to come.

  • Free yourself from resolutions! Resolutions tend to be very unforgiving. There's an implication that if you keep to your resolution you have good willpower, and that if you don't you are weak. That pressure isn't good for anyone!

  • Instead of resolutions, try choosing an intention for the new year. Rather than focusing on what you want to do, consider how you want to be in 2019. Then, you can put that intention into action without setting yourself up for self-criticism. Instead, you'll be able to experiment with living out your intention and will recalibrate your expectations and plans as you learn and grow.

If you find yourself feeling a lot of pressure to change your mindsets and habits in the new year, that is totally normal.

But if you are interested in finding more self-compassion in 2019, even as you take action towards your intentions, life coaching can help you create that change without being so horribly hard on yourself along the way. Prices are discounted for the New Year! Make 2019 the year that you get to be supported in your efforts to becoming a happier you.

Questions? I'm only an email away.

To your intentional life and Happy New Year!

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