What to do when you hate the work you love

What happens when something you love isn't fun?

I have been working tirelessly on my business. Building programs. Maintaining my website. Being active on social media. Creating free resources. Learning from the endless information available on the web. A couple of weeks back, I had the sudden thought, This is so not fun! I don't mean to the real coaching, that I love! But there is so much else to running a business. And it is not always enjoyable.


I had a bit of a freakout! I have been very careful to listen to my intuition as I build this practice, and I was working under the assumption that if something doesn't feel good or feel fun, then it should not be part of my work. So...now what? I asked myself. Am I supposed to completely reorient my business strategy?! I started questioning the whole endeavor.

And then a wonderfully wise woman (ahem...my therapist...) reminded me that not everything we love needs to be enjoyable all of the time. In fact, it can't be. Sometimes you need to do really difficult, frustrating work to be able to do what you love. Think about any relationship - friendships, marriage, raising a family. Just because there are infuriating moments does not negate the incredible moments in between and the sense of life purpose.

So, what about you? What frustrating work are you doing in your life for the sake of something you love? What do you do to remind yourself of the bigger purpose?