How I learned to trust my own wisdom (in 3 steps)

Every day, you're confronted with thousands of decisions, big and small.

The voices of family members, friends, society at large, and your resulting self-doubt make it more than challenging to take steps forward with clarity. They make it downright exhausting. 

What you need is to tune out the noise, tap into your own wisdom, and trust it so that you can move through life with a little less anxiety and a little more ease.

Sound nice and also unlikely? Let me share with you the simple ways I've learned to tap into my inner wisdom.


1. Moments with my heartbeat

Sometimes I need a reminder that I am in a body, alive in the world, and not just a brain spinning thoughts in circles. The simple act of feeling my heartbeat can bring me down to earth and ground me when I am feeling unmoored.

My favorite way to do this is to do some movement that will raise my heartbeat enough so that I can put my hand over my heart and actually feel it. Running, jump-roping, or dancing in the living room are all good options.

Another option is to just feel around for your pulse on your wrist or neck.

When you feel it beating, close your eyes and let it bring you back into your body and the innate knowledge you have of yourself, your life, and your needs. 


2. Asking my past and future selves

One magical moment when I was feeling my heartbeat after a run, I suddenly saw a flash of future me - who shares that same heartbeat with me.

She was just watching me and nodding and her presence in me reminded me that, while my life has been and will be an unpredictable roller coaster, I am okay.

And I am safe.

And then I saw little me looking up at me, smiling with pride and joy at everything I have done and will do.

That moment opened up a new consciousness in me of my past and future selves, and I will now turn to them for support. Past me is wonderful at reminding me of my essence, who I am, and what I believe about the world. Future me shows me that I am okay and that I will be okay.

Listening to them allows me to move forward with confidence and joy.

You can try to listen to them when you feel your heartbeat, or you can write letters back and forth to each other asking for advice. Try writing with your non-dominant hand when you respond as your past or future self, to help you access your intuitive side instead of your over-thinking side.


3. Leaning on the earth

In moments of self-doubt, the solidness of the ground is your best friend.

The earth has been here long before you arrived and knows much more than any of us can learn in a lifetime. So lean on it, literally, to help you come back to clarity.

If you can find some actual earth and grass to lie down on, amazing. Otherwise, just go for the floor!

Breathe slowly in and out, and with each exhale, allow your body to sink further into the earth.

Feel it holding you and know that you are okay. You are safe. And you know what you need.



Individually, these may seem insignificant. But together, they have allowed me to access an internal magic that I'd never experienced before I started these practices. And I want you to be able to access your magic, too.


Share with us in the comments - when and how have you found your inner voice in the past?


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