A Custom Fit Life

How unhelpful is it to be told to “just find a way to make time for you!” when you have other people depending on you?


On a scale from “very” to “completely,” I would say completely.

It’s true that you never have enough time in the day to do the things you really want to do. But you look around at the solutions being offered and think - it’s not so simple to create boundaries or to manage your time!

You have people you care about who all need a piece of you and you aren’t willing to sacrifice your care of them. And being told that you should be able to just makes you feel incompetent and guilty.

Nevertheless, you hate that feeling when 10 PM rolls around and you’ve only gotten done the things you absolutely need to do. Or that sense that you are doing things because you are supposed to and can’t tell anymore what you actually want or need. You feel boxed in and can’t find any reasonable alternative.

You have built your life around taking care of other people - and you are not alone! I am a giver and a nurturer and I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by conflicting priorities and to feel frustrated by the “solutions” being offered.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You never have enough time in the day no matter how well you prioritize.
  • You get everything done you absolutely need to get done, but you can never get ahead of the curve.
  • You know there are some things you are doing just because you “should”, but then you second guess yourself and feel guilty for wanting to stop.
  • You can say to yourself “I can’t possibly do everything,” but you have a hard time actually setting boundaries.
  • You feel like no matter what you do it’s not enough and you are full of guilt from being pulled between your conflicting priorities.


You know that if you let things continue as they are, you will be missing out on the joys of life.

Too many moments have already gone by that you wanted to be emotionally and mentally present for, but were too out of energy and too conflicted to enjoy.

A Custom Fit Life will get you out of this trap.

You'll be able to craft a new reality for yourself that takes into account the complex dynamics in your life, instead of dismissing them.

I want to show you how to sort through the noise so that you can figure out which obligations in your life are actually important to you. You’ll find it much easier to let go of the things you don’t want or need, to set yourself up with a self care plan that actually suits you, and to create a support system that will work for your life.

Imagine how it would feel to reduce the chaos and anxiety, to feel confident in the choices you make, and to actually enjoy the free time you have.

I’m very committed to the work I do and the people I care about. Before working with Gabriella, I was tired and stretched too thin. I believed in principles of self-care and wholeness in theory, but couldn’t manage to live those beliefs myself. I was unforgiving of myself when I failed to meet my own high standards, which was often.

Gabriella understood what I struggled with, why it feels so necessary and yet so exhausting to be involved in social justice work, and the challenge of valuing my own well-being in the face of so much injustice and suffering. A Custom Fit Life went much deeper than I expected it to. I got tools to help me say no, to assert my need for peace and quiet, and to not be consumed with guilt. But I also got a deep dive into why I have those expectations of myself in the first place. I have resources to look to for support and inspiration, tools for making choices, and a new clarity about what I’m doing all this work for. Plus, I started reaching out to the supportive people in my life more, and so A Custom Fit Life has positively impacted my relationships, too.

Gabriella had a genuine interest in what I was thinking and saying, and genuine enthusiasm for the steps I was taking. I know I am not alone in my circles in having difficulties with self-care, and I feel confident that Gabriella ‘gets’ the issues I and many of my friends and peers struggle with. And she’s nice to talk to, too!
— Holly B. (New York, NY)

I was eager to try A Custom Fit Life even though my issues felt more messy and nuanced than just needing more time for myself, so I gave it a shot. In our five sessions, I truly have felt a profound felt shift in my life, increasingly aligning my thoughts and my actions with who I want to be. Our work covered so much ground on top of the general framework of the program, including changing my relationship to my creative process as an artist, engaging in a path to find new work, and finding more self-validation while navigating my many differing personal identities and spaces. Gabriella was able to help me sort through complexity in a practical way— sometimes I feel like I’m all jumbled and contradictory in my desire to push forward with lots of goals and dreams, while also finding more time just to relax and “be.” Gabriella created space for both of those truths to exist at the same time and guided me towards mindful ways to have both.

If you are looking for more support in aligning your life to your values and desires in concrete, manageable steps, then you should check out this program! The experience is clearly designed for each individual client and can be molded to your unique circumstances.

Gabriella, thank you for being so caring, insightful, and WISE!! You clearly have a gift for holding space for people and for sorting through the messy nuance of life to find constructive solutions.
— Libby Mislan (Queens, NY)


Here’s what you get with A Custom Fit Life:

5 weekly one-on-one phone calls where we will:

  • Week 1 - Sort through your competing priorities and figure out what is actually important.
  • Week 2 - Determine what shifts you can make with this new knowledge.
  • Week 3 - Decide what "self care" means to you and how it fits in with your other priorities.
  • Week 4 - Create a support system that will work for your life.
  • Week 5 - Figure out your next steps and set intentions for moving forward.


Before each session, you’ll fill out a thorough questionnaire.

This will help you think about where you’re at and what you’d like to get from our time together and will give me a full picture of the dynamics in your life so that I can be as helpful to you as possible.


In between sessions, you’ll be taking the action steps you decide on during our calls

You'll also be emailing me to keep me up to speed - you can only make change through action!


I will be available for email support throughout the program

To make sure you have maximum clarity as you take steps to create your custom fit life.


Questions? Email me directly to discuss whether cfl is a good fit for you.


Registration is open!


More about A Custom Fit Life

A Custom Fit Life is right for anyone who cares for others and needs help prioritizing themselves. Before we started, I was worried that I might feel overwhelmed or not have the time for coaching. But in our five weeks together, Gabriella made sure to adjust to my needs and what I wanted, and we set concrete goals that helped me actually take action. She challenged me to look inward for what I really want and I have certainly gained confidence in my choices! And I have the extra benefit now of having a resource to turn to if I need more support. Thank you, Gabriella!
— Alex (Texas)

It’s hard to choose the best thing about working with Gabriella. In our time together, I discovered my desire to seek new work and creative expression outlets, I unpacked beliefs about parenting and family that were limiting me, I took practical action toward my ideal life, and I set thoughtful goals for my next steps. Gabriella has an ability to understand such a wide range of thoughts, concepts, and emotions and is so on top of catching details with a big picture perspective.

I recommend A Custom Fit Life to any creative thinker who needs the freedom of their creative expression but also likes structure and groundedness. Needing both freedom and structure can make it difficult to actually make changes in my life because I feel stuck between the two. Now, though, I feel confident in my ability to move forward in my professional and personal life and trust myself to make the right decisions for myself and for my family.
— Elinor Klein (Fairfax, VA)

When I found Gabriella, I already had a busy schedule and I wondered whether I should be adding in “one more thing”. But A Custom Fit Life came to me at a time in my life when I really needed to be reminded of how to take care of myself physically and nurture myself more spiritually. Over the past ten years as a mom, I had put my own needs and wants into the fringe hours. Since I started working with Gabriella I’ve taken steps to reclaim my time, prioritize my own physical and mental health, and work through limiting beliefs.

I came away from the program with a lot more conviction about the things I want for myself. Gabriella has a frank honesty and a common sense approach; she is very supportive and dedicated and her commitment to helping others really shines through. Anyone who wants to take a next step in the journey of self-actualization and wants to be supported through the process should do this program, especially if you want someone to push you to define your goals and take action!
— Emily Felt (Davis, CA)


Where do you work?

I offer all of my programs by phone! We can work together no matter where you live.


How long is each coaching session?

Each coaching session is 60 minutes long to give us a solid block of time to craft your custom fit life.


Do you give homework?

Usually you will come up with the actions you want to take in between sessions, based on what we’ve figured out during our time together. If you are having trouble coming up with something you want to do, I am always happy to provide ideas. I will give you boundless encouragement to take action, but no grades and no judgement.


How do I know if this is the right time for me to do CFL?

It’s very common for givers to put off creating the balance they need because “it isn’t the right time”. Let me tell you - it is never the right time. Balance does not fall into your lap (I wish!). What’s important is that you feel a sense of urgency, that you have had enough and you are ready to make a change. If that’s the case, A Custom Fit Life is right for you.


What makes you so sure I can have the life I want?

Another common concern is that it is simply not possible in your line of work or in your set of circumstances to make time for yourself or shift your priorities. This is exactly why CFL exists. Because if you look at your life on the surface, you’re right! There is no room to shift. So we take a closer look at the things you spend your time on and the voices that are telling you what you’re supposed to do, so that we can paint a clear picture of what’s important to you. The result won’t be a fairy tale filled with jaunts in the woods and endless bubble baths. It will be the difference between continuing with the exhausting status quo and choosing intentionally what deserves your time and energy.


What if I can’t afford it?

Accessibility of my services is important to me. If you are unable to pay in full now, you can pay in 2 or 4 monthly installments. If you still have financial concerns, book a consult and let’s discuss.

Working with Gabriella has really helped me to understand myself better. I feel an improved sense of security in who I am and how I’m running things in both my business and my life.

Before we started, I was anxious and worried about how my professionalism was viewed by others and whether I was taking the right steps toward the dream I had. I thought that A Custom Fit Life would be full of lots of abstract goals I would eventually give up on. Instead, I found it to be incredibly empowering with ideas that I could apply to my way of living and navigating the world. There’s nothing we’ve discussed that won’t stick with me.

Gabriella’s helped erase a decade of bad work experience and institutionalized ‘isms that had really damaged my confidence. She helped me re-find that fierceness I’d packed away. I feel real. I’ve re-established who I am as a professional, grown more resiliency, and say “f*** it” more often.

Gabriella was incredibly professional, and she got my humour and was able to put up with my long-windedness, without being patronizing or controlling at all. Her patience and guidance has been exceptional.

I’d say mums, business owners, people with lives that are so filled with responsibility that they find it difficult to breathe, should all work with Gabriella. But, I share her blog posts with everyone I know because her advice and perspective applies to any situation. I’ve really enjoyed working with Gabriella and she sold me on the value of coaching - and myself. What more is there to say than Thank you??
— Hannah Taylor-Johnson (Ontario, Canada)

Before A Custom Fit Life, my life was a bit all over the place. I’d talk myself out of doing things I wanted to be doing and force myself into doing things I felt obligated to do instead. I would often commit too much to other people before taking care of myself. I felt guilty and conflicted. But I also liked the fullness of my social life and didn’t want to restructure my life too much or limit myself.

From the beginning, Gabriella understood where I was coming from and was open-minded and creative coming up with solutions that would work for me. A Custom Fit Life showed me how to be conscious about the decisions I make and make sure that how I spend my time aligns with my values. It also allowed me to focus on setting aside time for myself and to have more presence and intention in my day-to-day. I discovered my own ways of aligning my commitments, my self-care, and my support system with my values. Framing my priorities in that way has been a major shift.

Because of our work together, I’m now able to be flexible with myself when I’m trying to improve my situation and if one thing doesn’t work, I can try something new. Gabriella is awesome - mindful, knowledgeable, creative and caring. I’m going to be recommending A Custom Fit Life to all my friends!
— Vanessa Chalem (Cambridge, MA)


Want to know more?

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Gabriella Feingold helps people who have built their lives around taking care of other people to take care of themselves. She shows them how to sort through the noise of their competing priorities to figure out what is important to them, how to have a healthier relationship with time and time management, and how to stop feeling guilty so they can finally create the intentional life they deserve. Gabriella has been working in interpersonal relations and personal development since 2011, using applied theatre, facilitation, and life coaching to help thoughtful and compassionate people make change in their lives. She lives in White Plains, NY with her husband, Louis, and thrives on performing in community theatre, creating amateur pottery, and jumping ocean waves. Read more about Coaching with Gabriella here.


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