Trying to add self-care into your life without the right underlying foundations traps you in a cycle of self-care defeat.


are You stuck in one of these traps?

  • Self-care feels like a chore and you just don't have the willpower to do it

  • You can't even find 10 minute to yourself, much less 30 minutes for exercise or relaxation

  • You already do the typical self-care recommendations (going for a run, taking a bubble bath, cooking dinner) but still feel like self-care isn't enough a part of your life

  • You're not willing to sacrifice other commitments that are important to you in order to add in self-care (and rightfully so)!

You could spend all of your energy trying to create a more intentional, healthy life for yourself and still feel like you aren't getting anywhere.

Instead, I want to help you build the underlying habits that need to be in place before you add new self-care practices into your life, so that when you do, they are the right practices for you and they will stick around long enough for you to feel their benefit.


In this free Quick Guide to Getting Self-Care to Stick, you will:

  • Find out what you need in order to get self-care to stick

  • Learn how to “come home to yourself” and why you must do it if you want self-care to stick

  • Get a pre-made daily practice to help you implement this new knowledge

  • Be prepared with next steps for adding in self-care when you're ready


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