Intentional Change Community


An online community to HELP YOU release overwhelm, over-commitment, and guilt, and to create change that lasts.


Self-reflective, self-motivated people expect to be really good at making intentional change in their lives.

And yet, we aren’t.

Instead, we spend most of our energy berating ourselves. “I know what habits need to change. I know what mindsets are in the way. I’ve started a million times. Why can’t I ever just do what I need to do?”

It feels like it should be simple. All the journaling and goal-setting and heart-to-hearts with your loved ones should be enough to get you past the theory of changing your lifestyle and into making changes in reality.

These days, you find that…

  • You’re always working on becoming a better (and happier) version of yourself, but it takes a lot of energy and most efforts don’t stick or create long-term change in your lifestyle.

  • You try to prioritize self-care, but you live in a constant state of overwhelm and stress.

  • You are quick to encourage others to seek out support, but you expect yourself to figure out what you need and how to get it on your own.

  • You’re so exhausted by the status quo that you would do anything to get just a little peace and quiet from your overbooked and overwhelmed day-to-day.

You could be caught in this cycle of self-improvement frustration forever, constantly down on yourself for the changes you haven’t been able to make and never getting any closer to the balanced and sustainable lifestyle you invision.

You’re in good company.

I’m a life coach helping people take better care of themselves and even I get stuck in the self-recriminating mind-traps of “I should be able to...” and “if I just try ‘x’...” and “I shouldn’t have to ask for help.” The fact that you are good at reminding others to be kind to themselves and at helping them figure out how to adjust their lifestyle doesn’t mean that you can be the same support for yourself.

We all wish we could be our own best friend. But sometimes we really do need a dose of outside support, encouragement, and accountability.

That’s why I created the Intentional Change Community:

A virtual community membership that will provide the direct support and camaraderie you need to make tangible, lasting change in your life.

Through membership in the Intentional Change Community (ICC), you will:

  • Let go of that constant state of overwhelm and take practical, tangible steps to institute new habits for a sustainable and content day-to-day life

  • Learn repeatable (but customizable) formulas for integrating new mindsets and habits into your life so that they stick around for the long-term

  • Shift your inner dialogue from guilt and criticism to self-compassion and patience

  • Be 100% supported along the way by other members working on their own lifestyle changes and by the community’s dedicated life coach (me!)

What is the Intentional Change Community?

The Intentional Change Community is a gathering space for motivated, self-reflective individuals to get the support and accountability they need to take better care of their own needs, to release overwhelm, over-commitment, and guilt, and to create change that lasts. Your monthly membership gives you access to my intentional change system, monthly wellbeing calls, and our virtual space (hosted on where you will be supported by me and by other members working on their own intentional lifestyles.

Here’s how it works:

Community Space.png

Community Space

  • As soon as you sign up for your ICC membership, you will be invited to the private virtual community space, hosted on Mobilize (because none of us needs another reason to be on Facebook!). That’s where you’ll connect with other community members around your goals, hopes, and challenges, get virtual coaching from me, and find community announcements.

  • This is a space of authentic community, where we take time to connect and actually know and see one another as full humans. Among other community-building efforts, there is a Call for Collective Care twice a month, where members send and receive care from each other in the form of simple virtual offerings like comforting music, poetry, jokes, GIFs, love notes, and the like.

Frameworks & Prompts.png

Frameworks and Prompts

  • You will get immediate access to my “Intentional Change System,” the underlying framework that I use in my one-on-one coaching, which provides a repeatable framework for creating intentional change in your mindset and behavior.

  • For the first 6 weeks, you will get targeted email prompts to help you set intentions, plan and take action steps, and check-in on your progress. This will get you into the swing of taking small, tangible steps toward your intentional change and will help integrate you into the community. You can share your reflections in the Mobilize group for accountability and encouragement.

  • Community-wide intention-setting and check-in posts in Mobilize will help you continue your efforts alongside other members.

Coaching & Circles.png

Coaching and Wellbeing Circles

  • Members receive direct coaching observations and questions from me in the Mobilize check-in threads so that you always have someone in your corner, helping you get un-stuck. (See the FAQ below for more on this.)

  • On the first Sunday of every month from 7:30pm-9pm EST, you can join the member-exclusive Wellbeing Circle over Zoom, to get in on even more community building and group coaching.


ICC is currently closed for new members. i expect to re-open to new members in april 2019.

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The Intentional Change Community is for you if you regularly take stock of what is working and isn’t working in your life, if you often take care of other people’s wellbeing more than your own, and if you are ready to make tangible changes in your mindset and behavior so you can let go of overwhelm, over-commitment, and guilt.

The purpose of ICC is to give you extra support and accountability while you work to make shifts to take better care of yourself. But I can’t force you to respond to my email prompts or to come to the Wellbeing Circle calls. So ICC will be most beneficial to you if you have good self-motivation in some areas of your life (could be professionally, socially...any area, really), but can’t seem to make your overwhelm go away or your self-care stick.

Sound like you? Come on in :)

Not sure if it would be a good fit? Send me an email with your concerns and I’ll get back to you promptly.


When ICC opens for new members, membership will be in the range of $25-$35/month.


Membership is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime. You can expect to have some paradigm shifts within the first few weeks, however, the email series that takes you through my Intentional Change System takes 6 weeks to complete. This is a deep, holistic approach to self-care and self-improvement (because you want it to stick, right?). I recommend 3-6 months to take advantage of the community space and for the mindset and lifestyle shifts to really set in.


Yes and no. If you respond to my weekly intention-setting and check-in threads, you will get direct responses from me to encourage you in your goals and to help you figure out what’s possible if you are feeling stuck. And if you attend the monthly Wellbeing Circle, you may get occasional focused one-on-one coaching if it seems to me like that would benefit the whole group. But you don’t get full one-on-one coaching sessions as part of your membership. That is a separate service (that you can always add on, if you’d like).

What’s the time commitment?

The time commitment depends on you and what you want to get out of ICC! To take full advantage of the email prompts, the community space, and the coaching threads, I would expect to spend 1-2 hours a week in ICC-mode, plus an extra 90 minutes for Wellbeing Circle once a month. Of course, you will also need some time to put into practice the mindsets and action steps you are working on. Tip: If you are worried about feeling rushed or pressed for time, you can join now and address over-commitment as your first area of intentional change.


Mobilize is an online community platform that allows for posting and sharing, much like in a Facebook group (but away from all of that noise). For ICC, it is mostly used for regular intention-setting, check-ins, and discussion threads so that community member can connect with one another and with me. It also allows for posting polls, sharing community events, and sharing files so that I can support you in all of the different ways on your intentional change journey.

The best part about Mobilize is that you can decide what works best for your participation: You can see and participate in threads using your browser (yay for Bookmarks!), through the mobile app, or just via email. (And you can decide what you get notifications for, too.)


When you cancel your membership, you will lose access to the ICC community on Mobilize and to our check-in prompts and Wellbeing Circles. If you cancel after your first month, you will continue to receive the Intentional Change System prompts for the full 6 weeks (and could continue on your own), but you won’t have access to the community space to share your reflections or progress.


I do not offer refunds on membership payments that have already been processed. If you want to cancel your membership, you can do so in advance of your next monthly payment.

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