Sort through the noise of your own head.

Make Room for YourselF was made to help you figure out what's stopping you from seeking out the life you want.

You can't even tell anymore what you want. There is no room in your head for clear thoughts to come through, you're spinning in circles! This program includes three coaching sessions, each accompanied by a targeted module, to help you figure out what you really want and what you need to move forward.

What made coaching with Gabriella so unique was the grace with which she helped me articulate not only what I most needed to work on, but also achievable goals to jumpstart my progress right away.
— Elli, New York


Here's what to expect.


  • 3 Modules that you Will download directly from the website:

1. What Are My Needs?

Laying out your vision, obstacles, and your goals for our time together.

2. Thought Patterns that Get in the Way

On distorted thinking and how to not always believe what your brain says.

3. Emotional Patterns that Get in the Way

On vulnerability and asking for what we need.


  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions to Solidify what you've discovered and figure out what actions you need to take



  • Unlimited email support so that you can have maximum clarity along the waY

Gabriella offers both encouragement and constructive challenge. In just one session, she helped me identify a specific change I wanted and how I was going to make it. That very evening, as a result of her motivation, I actually took action!
— Isaac, Maryland


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Want to know more?

Gabriella Feingold helps women who have built their lives around taking care of other people to take care of themselves. She shows them how to sort through the noise of their competing priorities to figure out what is important to them, how to have a healthier relationship with time and time management, and how to stop feeling guilty so they can finally create the intentional life they deserve. Gabriella has been working in interpersonal relations and personal development since 2011, using applied theatre, facilitation, and life coaching to help thoughtful and compassionate people make change in their lives. She lives in White Plains, NY with her husband, Louis, and thrives on performing in community theatre, creating amateur pottery, and jumping ocean waves. Read more about Coaching with Gabriella here.

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