One-on-One Coaching

GET clear about what you need, feel confident in your decisions, and make lasting, tangible change in your day-to-day life.

One-on-one life coaching provides a rare jolt of empowerment and clarity that may just be the nudge you need to move from feeling confused and overwhelmed to feeling motivated and ready for change.

It’s important that you find a coach whose style works for you.

Some of the elements that define my coaching style are:

  • I strike a balance between realism and idealism so that you are always keeping your vision at the forefront while making reasonable, tangible change.

  • I encourage you to focus on both mindset changes and taking action.

  • I ground our time together in your personal goals to make sure that you walk away with what you came for.

  • I provide frameworks and structure for you to work with but base the agenda of each session on your individual needs.

  • I leave you with next steps after our time together so you can continue on your own with confidence.

The work we did together has made me much more confident. It’s made me feel like my strengths of being super organized, passionate, emotional, and driven finally has a place in my world. I’m owning my personality, my business approaches, and my relationships with an unapologetic attitude. I’m a stress-head, I’m quirky and I no longer apologise or feel anxious about these traits being discovered. The amount of confidence and mindset shifts I gained from your course has been beyond my expectations. My care practice and new mindset approach have lasted longer than any counselling session. You are in my head with your kind, thoughtful guidance and your words continue to empower me months later.
— Hannah Taylor-Johnson (Ontario, Canada)

Coaching Programs


Overwhelm Detox is a bite-sized coaching program to help you get unstuck and discover the real possibility of being able to take better care of yourself. Walk away empowered to hold on to the commitments that are important to you and let go of the ones that aren’t and to move from exhaustion to a more sustainable and content day-to-day life.

Beyond Time Management: An 8-week coaching program

Beyond Time Management will help you to stop over-committing and to establish internal and external boundaries so that you have time for the things that are most important to you. Figure out what your deepest values are and how your commitments do or don't align with what you need, start to see boundaries as a gift you can give to yourself and others, and let go of the need to get everything done now.

Integrated Self-Care: for a re-energized, fulfilled you

Integrated Self-Care (ISC) is my signature coaching program. These 14 weeks of coaching will help you let go of over-commitment, establish boundaries, and create a better self-care and support system so that you can finally make room for yourself. You'll stop spending all of your energy on guilt, disappointment, and frustration so that you can experience more ease and contentment in your ever-evolving life.

If you are looking for more support in aligning your life to your values and desires in concrete, manageable steps, then you should check out Gabriella’s work! Her programs are clearly designed for each individual client and can be molded to your unique circumstances. Gabriella, thank you for being so caring, insightful, and WISE!!
— Libby Mislan (Queens, NY)
From the beginning, Gabriella understood where I was coming from and was open-minded and creative coming up with solutions that would work for me. I discovered my own ways of aligning my commitments, my self-care, and my support system with my values. Framing my priorities in that way has been a major shift.

Because of our work together, I’m now able to be flexible with myself when I’m trying to improve my situation and if one thing doesn’t work, I can try something new.
— Vanessa Chalem (Cambridge, MA)
I came to Gabriella hoping to improve communication in my relationships and to maintain my sense of self and agency in those relationships. I had never worked with a coach before and I was uncertain about doing sessions over the phone, but I wanted to give it a try. Since our work together, I feel more confident in myself to navigate tensions in my relationships, I am more able to assert my needs and concerns while still being able to be attuned to other people’s perspectives and needs, and I feel empowered to identify areas that I want to change in my life and create actionable steps to get there. That empowerment was the best part of coaching with Gabriella, along with her insightful perspectives and the way she made me feel comfortable and heard. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants a coach!
— Anna Lichtiger (New York, NY)