If you knew how to have more time and less stress, you would be doing it already.

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That much is clear. But you care deeply about your commitments and your loved ones and the tasks on your to do list and it's unhelpful to be told to just “do less”. Even if you are starting to feel like you’ll never have a moment to yourself again.

Let me offer you another way.

In “3 ways to stop rushing and slow down”, you'll get:

  • A reflection to give yourself credit for everything you do

  • 3 ways to find more breathing room without abandoning your responsibilities

  • Guiding questions for ultimate clarity on how to move forward

  • Real action steps that you can try instead of getting lost in the decision-making process

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Gabriella Feingold helps people who have built their lives around taking care of others to take care of themselves. She shows them how to sort through the noise of their competing priorities to figure out what is important to them, how to have a healthier relationship with time and time management, and how to stop feeling guilty so they can finally create the intentional life they deserve. Gabriella has been working in interpersonal relations and personal development since 2011, using applied theatre, facilitation, and life coaching to help thoughtful and compassionate people make change in their lives. She lives in White Plains, NY with her husband, Louis, and thrives on performing in community theatre, creating amateur pottery, and jumping in the ocean. Read more about Coaching with Gabriella here.

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